Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Small victory, middle of the road defeat. Tuesday, we did receive a small box of books...not a large box like we were hoping, but something anyway. It had the Animals & their worlds lesson plan which was number one on my list of needs so that I can get to work laying out our year. Significantly missing was the books for the first section of work. Disappointing. They will get it fixed asap, which I'm sure will not be as fast as I'd like for sure.

Anyway, I find myself oscillating more than a Georgia fan on a stand about whether we CAN get this done. My head understands that it's going to work out, but my heart is full worry and doubts. Maybe it's the reverse, head heart...IDK, some days it seems insurmountable. Other days, it seems like its going to be easier than sending them to school. 12 more days...12 more days! The kids, the grandparents, us, even the dogs are looking forward to an end to this interminable year. Testing is finally over. Course, they did four tests today to get it finished. FOUR, THAT wont eff up the results or anything, I'm sure.

Today, I think we can do it. Two curriculums at once, I can't swear to, but we're going to give it the old college try. I decided for handwriting, they're going to write to their godparents & other assundry uncles, aunts & such. Letter writing is a wonderful hobby and who better to spend time on than uncle mark, aunt Jackie & the rest of the people they love. I can even make pretty stationary with decorated computer paper & printed primary paper templates. Good times :) if I add pictures at the bottom, they'll have a little keepsake of the kids too. I'm pretty excited about this idea for handwriting. Copy work seems painfully dull, even if it's great speeches or poetry. They may still do a little of that though.

Next stop, trying to decide between Farsi & Mandarin Chinese for a language program. I would like to learn Farsi, then get hired by the government pulling down big money to sit and translate all day. That would be good work...you think? Guess the kids want to start with sign language, we can do that too...
Now if I can just go without sleep, I'd get twice as much done.


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