Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One More Day...

Originally posted 5/27/11 on Wordpress

One more day...one more day of school and I'm petrified. IS this the kids LAST day of school ever? Are we really going to do this homeschooling thing? Will we succeed? Fail? Wimp out? Will we return to Stephens next August having the most stressful and tumultuous summer on record. Return with our tails between our legs and our eyes on the ground?

Matthew told everyone today at school. Made a huge deal of it. I wasn't going to in case it didn't work out. Then only a few people would know of our failure...

I'm so torn, I LOVED school. Can't imagine missing the things that happened at school. At the same time, did I? I loved my close friends, I got into fights, was bullied and mocked and left with a broken heart crying on the phone. I was pushed by my peers to grow up too fast. What if I could have been a kid? Relaxed and learned to like myself? 

What if I had gotten that positive feedback at home instead of by being the teacher's pet? I know I would have finished school early if given the chance. I loved learning.

Do I have enough positiveness in me to nurture the kids while teaching them? Can I keep them from killing each other while we're doing school?

My ulcer is NOT liking this homeschooling thing, he's definitely against it. Course, we had another bullying incident today. Bully brought axe body spray to school & sprayed Matthew. Set off his allergies & then joked that it had peanuts in it. Wow, thats funny. Wonder if I'll get a call from the nurse tomorrow too.

On the upside, he's apparently getting an award for the honor roll tomorrow for the first time, he'll be very excited about that for sure. His own medal.

This weekend...organization, cleaning & blending the curriculums. Huzzah!

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