Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Steps...Man, I Hate 'Em!

Originally Posted 6/9/11

So, with our deadline looming, we've made some decisions. Although the kids wanted to each do a separate curriculum, we are officially doing one at a time. We may break each up into 5-8 week blocks & study one, then the other, but I'm not going to blend two full year curricula and do it in a year. Between the language arts, the math, and the "everything else", I dont think anyone would enjoy that blend. 

So now I have a goal, a small possibly attainable goal...get the first 7 weeks ready (that's the length of the first section of Animals & their Worlds. My brain is so rusty, atrophied, I feel like I'm thinking through mud. I think I'm going to cut out sweetener soon, that should be fun.

Speaking of which, gotta find a nutrition curriculum for grade school...

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