Here are a few of the sites that I have on my list. I find new ones nearly every day. I am sure this list will grow and change over time. I plan on eventually adding a page for each subject. 

The links on this page were active at the time of this posting but may have been discontinued since.

General Homeschool Sites:

Homeschooling in Kentucky-list of homeschool groups in Kentucky. Doesn't list them all but it's a great start. much wonderful information. I have listened to all of the podcasts and most of them I've listened to twice! Ideas, support, help, methodology, everything you need when you're just getting started.

Great Tools/Ideas:

Super Teacher Worksheets-Great place for printables in all subjects.

Home School Reviews-Reviews tons of homeschool materials and curriculums. It is a very useful to use the knowledge of those who have gone before.

Donna Printables and resources-This site has so many wonderful pages that you can print and use for record keeping, planning, household planning and tons of school forms and worksheets. Will save you lots of money on workbooks and calendars!

Kidzone-More printable worksheets by grade.

Baldwin Online Children's Literature Program-tons of online books, some free some not.

KET Teacher's Domain-some videos and useful tools for teachers. Have to create an account, but we did it with our Homeschool name.

Yahoo Groups-I love Yahoo groups. I search for groups that mention hs'ing and join those that sound interesting. Make sure when joining you click "web-only" otherwise you'll end up with hundreds of emails per day.

THINK-Teaching Homes in Northern Kentucky-wonderful group of homeschooling families in the NKy area.

Kentucky Department of Education-Page with instructional resources.

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment-clicking around on the links on this page will give you the Grade Level Expectations for the state of Kentucky.

KHEA HS'ing packet-great place to start when you're thinking about hs'ing in Kentucky.

World Book Encyclopedia Typical Course of Study-Great page for laying out lesson plans and making sure you don't skip anything.

Book Adventure-Set up an account to take quizzes on books and keep track of what you read. Like AR tests at PS.

PBS Teachers site-Lots of videos and resources.

Edutopia-George Lucas Educational Foundation

Homeschool Mom Blog-Great Description of Lapbooking with resources

Guest Hollow-A wonderful blog with lots of extras to add in to many programs (especially WP)

Freely Educate-They post many free or almost free ideas every week that are wonderful additions to your schooling.

Homeschool Share-Great site for lapbooks and materials. Sorted by topics and covering a huge range of ages and subjects.

Places to Buy Stuff: 

Homeschool Curriculum Source-Haven't tried them but they sell stuff. 

Maitri Learning LLC-They have some cute printables and useful science/reading materials

School Outfitters-Buy official classroom materials. Their prices are cheap, but they have an extensive catalog.

Rainbow Resource-Great company. They have a huge catalog of resources and carry many of the other curriculums or text books at a discount.

Currclick-I can spend days on this site and still not see everything there is to see. Some free items, some pay items, offer specials on FB all the time. 

Complete Curriculum Companies:

Winter Promise-Excellent company who puts together an excellent lesson plan. They are a bit slow to get all your books to you, but it's worth the wait. WinterPromise is so unique, we've come up with a new term to describe what learning approach we embrace. WinterPromise is more than a unit study, more than a literature program, and even more than Charlotte Mason. We are in fact all of these, and more besides. We utilize these learning methods and ideas, as well as adding in some workbooks, a flavor of the "classical" method, and integrate technology. In addition, rippling throughout the curriculum are activities based on "Multiple Intelligences" research. In essence, we've taken the best of all these approaches and left behind the downsides.

The result is a cohesive "mosaic" of learning, a multitude of "Experiences" -- many different small pieces that together form a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to build your family culture and make some memories!

This "Experience Approach," then, relies on wonderful literature, fantastic do-able activities that support intelligences goals, repetition that is exciting (not simply repetitive!), and a "joy of learning" approach.

Oak Meadow Curriculum & School-This was our second choice curriculum. It was very hard to decide and the only thing that tipped us to Winter Promise over these guys is that WP allows for teaching multiple grades out of the same box.

Calvert School-We also gave very serious consideration to Calvert. They sell public school in a box. They cover every subject and use textbooks. I really spoke to me. They lay out the lesson plans day by day and even help you explain the lessons simply to your kids. We just decided that for the moment, public school was not what we were looking for. Their grade-level boxes are really extensive though. They even cover electives like Art Appreciation, Mythology, Technology, and others.

Memoria Press-Since they have full boxed curriculum, thought they should go here.

Sonlight-Sonlight provides complete Christian Homeschool Curriculum. With literature-rich, Christ-centered programs, your family is guaranteed to love learning together. They produce an extensive Charlotte Mason Method curriculum.

Alpha Omega Homeschooling-They have a number of different methods for you to choose from to school your child. I've like the ones I've tried so far (Lifepacs, Horizons, and Switched on Schoolhouse).

Homeschool in the Woods-Their Early American History CD set was included in our All American 1 curriculum. I am loving the quality of the projects and pages to print. I would love a little beefed up history information, but overall, they put together an amazing amount of goodies for us to work through.

Online Schools:

k12-Great online school if you can afford it. Considered public school and is free in some states (not KY though).

Time4Learning-Great to supplement your current program or to use for your complete curriculum. I thought it was a bit light to consider complete, but interactive and fun. You can pay month to month and cancel at anytime. Not super expensive.

Alpha Omega Homeschooling-Through their Monarch line, they offer a huge array of classes.

Montessori Methods:

North American Montessori Center-Place to take Montessori training.

American Montessori Consulting-another site with resources for Montessori.

Montessori for the Earth-offer great lesson plans for preschool-first grade as well as some special needs ideas. Little young for my crew, but very cute ideas.


Topsy Techie-gives ideas to add technology into your hs days.

Secular Homeschool Blog-homeschooling ideas for the secular crowd.

Well Trained Mind-List of Homeschool Blogs.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers-Great blog with a link to an article on organization.

Simple Homeschool-Their motto is: Never let your schooling interrupt your education.

English/Language Arts:

Education Place-Has great writing tools like this page of graphic organizers for kids to lay out their thoughts during pre-writing.

Read Write Think-Some good resources for LA.

The Homescholar College-Bound Reading List-List of books college-bound kids should read.


IXL Math-Great online math practice and some printables.

Fact Monster-Cute little math games.


National Geographic's Kid Site-Great lessons that are fun and interactive.

Handbook of Nature Study-Great blog with tons of ideas about raising kids to be involved with nature.


Memoria Press-Lots of Classical curriculum products and history. Latin, full curriculum and more.

Learning Tools 50 States-online games to learn the 50 states and their capitals.

Homeschool Radio Shows-great for history and just interesting listening.

America's Story-Quick lessons in US History. Great resources.

George Washington's World for Kids-Fun interactive resources for history. Not a ton of variety, but will give you a few minutes.

Election Resources:

Spell Out Loud-Extensive list of all kinds of materials.


Nourish Interactives-Tons of printables and information on Nutrition.

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