Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things I've done instead of getting the kids' curriculum figured out...

So, tomorrow's supposed to be the first day of school. I have most everything I'm supposed to and we have a schedule or the beginnings of one. All that's left to do is figure out how to create assignments in SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) for LA (language arts) and make sure I understand how Math-U-See works. That was the goal this weekend...the ONLY goals this weekend. How many of those goals have I accomplished? ZERO  zero. 
Let's list what I've done instead:

  • Cleaned out the fridge
  • taken out the trash x4
  • planned meals for the week
  • organized the kids' dvd collection and matched up discs with their boxes
  • dusted the shelves on which the dvd's reside
  • straightened the bookshelves to move baskets around in the computer room
  • played a game with the kids & some friends
  • laundry, even folding half of it!
  • recycled a bunch of stuff
  • organized part of the school shelves
  • watched a grown up movie with my hubby
  • gave the puppies some time (too much)
  • decided to start collecting bottle lids to make stamps out of
  • checked facebook 97 times
  • set up a YouTube for Schools page
  • searched out numerous extra materials to add in to what we're studying
  • made Heather macaroni & cheese
  • made a grocery list
  • promised to cook dinner for tonight
  • promised to cook breakfast for the kids this week
  • promised to cook lunch for the week
  • oh, and of course, written this blog.
I keep thinking that I should KEEP putting it off, look at how productive I've been!

Guess I should quit and get to work on figuring this out before the old man gets back with fixings for dinner! 

~Make good choices ^_^

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