Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Home School, August 27, 2012

Welcome to Homeschooling, Year 2. Please remain seated at all times and keep your arms, legs and books inside the car at all times...ok, I guess we don't have to remain seated.

This year, I wanted to make their first day more memorable. We had made a personalized backpack for everyone in the family. It has the store logo and their name printed on the front. These were a little surprise for the monkeys who didn't get to see them until this morning. I also bought a few new supplies for each of them,  a cool journal, some little medals to color that said "Super Star" and I had their laptops set out just so they remembered that those were new this year as well.

All in all, the morning went well. We eased into school a bit, just Language Arts and a tiny bit of Math.  Mom slept about an hour total last night, so I woke us up at 8am instead of 7am (caffeine is both the bane and the basis of my existence). Tomorrow, we'll get up a little earlier and hit that grindstone a little more roughly. I'll have that crazy math DVD figured out and we'll do a little welcome to a new year writing as well.

Here are some photos:
Here's what the table looked like when they came
downstairs this morning.

Here they paw through their stuff, checking it out. Neither of them are
"morning people", so their excitement level was understated to say the least.

Emma did get enthused when she saw that they
each had their own set of highlighters in a little case.
She likes little more than to spend hours wasting the ink
of every highlighter in a 100 foot radius of herself

I found these little signs last week and was as pleased as the kids when I saw how well they turned out.

My handsome Sixth Grader, Matthew

My third grade fashion plate, Emma

This is the face they make when Mom
makes them put their arm around one
Lily was LESS than enthusiastic about
having school in the morning. She just
wished we would all be quiet and go
back to bed.

Humphrey celebrated by throwing up a bear that he
had eaten. It was wearing a bunny suit. On a slightly
different note, NO ONE in the house recognized the bear.
If YOU or a family member are missing a bear...let us know.

Really, throwing it up, although unpleasant, really was the
better alternative ^_^
I meant to have a family prayer this morning that our homeschooling would go well this year and that God would bless our efforts, but we were caught up in figuring out how their LA program worked on the computer and didn't remember.

~make good choices

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