Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last Sun-Filled, Hazy Days of Summer

Today we celebrated the end of Emma's softball season with a soirée at Silverlake's outdoor water park. All in all it was a pretty great season and a great party. We haven't been to Silverlake in a couple of years and I think we enjoyed the water park more today than we did the entire time we were members.

Tomorrow is another crazy day, we're headed to a Cincinnati Reds' game. They planned a Peanut Sensitive Day for tomorrow. Of course, even with the extra precautions, Matthew & I are a nervous wreck. They're playing the Pirates and today's game was contentious, hopefully it will be action packed enough to keep our minds occupied.

On other fronts, we finally ordered our other curriculum. Mark & I never really agreed, but he admits that I'm doing most of the work and I should be happy with what I'm using. Now begins the long wait until it starts trickling in. This year is a little different as I got several ebooks already and the Instructors' Guide (thank God for those innovations). I can start laying out weeks and fitting together how it's all going to work in the next couple weeks when we start school...couple weeks?!?!? Guh. Still have to send my letter of intent :( meant to get that out last week. Much to do, sleep must come's hoping it rains tonight & not during the Reds's game!

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