Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vacation School...It's Got to Be Sneaky

We are so happy to be on vacation this week. A break from the routine of up before dawn, work on school, take care of doggies, work, and get home after dark. We are staying with our wonderful friends in Florida who live very near the beach. They are taking ridiculously good care of us and we are just enjoying being relaxed for the most part.

However, the last couple of weeks have been less than productive. We haven't gotten through our lessons as we should have. Plus, we're studying ecosystems for science and we haven't studied oceans and seashores yet. We're reading the same books I listed for last week as well as One Small Square Seashores

We're also going to add Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson since today, we went to the McClarty Treasure Museum and learned about how the shipwrecks of the Spanish Plate Fleet was a beginning of piracy in the Caribbean. 

We walked along the shore and picked up seashells and tomorrow I think we're going to rent metal detectors and find our fortune along the Treasure Coast! Here are some great pictures of our trip to the museum and shore:


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